i can't breathe with the radio on

he/they - i have an mcr blog @theblackparade

i just rmemebered this website! wowza im glad 2 be back


i just found out that danny devito directed Matilda and im @.@

wait there's a waterfall discord :0?

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You think dentists say "That's not my cup of teeth"?

oh, you know...playing minecraft with the girls😎

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So does this mean I can make WF use #36465D now

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This is a violently painful shade of blue and while high contrast does improve readability in the case of a select few visual impairments it massively increases eyestrain in folks who don't have issues with sight

GG tumblr you dun fucked up again

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Don't worry folks - on the infdev build of the rewrite, you can freely change the colour of your dashboard so that if I ever do pull a Tumblr, you can un-fuck it yourselves.

hello im not active enough ;-;

I have to sit like an idiot in my bio class i have a surface and the little stand broke off so i have to hold my screen up with my legs to be able o use it to take notes njfjfkskfmlka

#rip me

daves asked:

🎒📖🐷👾 :)))

🎒 Are you in college, major area of study

Yes!!! art!!!!

📖 Fave book

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

🐷 Junk food you can never get enough of

salt n vinegar chips!

👾 Do you believe in aliens


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📱 Show your phone lock screen and/or home screen

💕 Your two top fave fictional characters

🕹 Video game you are currently playing

🌡 Fave season

🏫 Are you in school, what grade

🎒 Are you in college, major area of study

🏢 Your job (You don’t have to be specific) or dream job if you don’t work

📷 Post the 12th photo from your phone’s gallery

📅 Your birthday

🎂 How old are you

📏 How tall are you

🔑 Key to your heart

📖 Fave book

📝 Fave quote

🌐 Languages you can speak and/or are learning. Which are you fluent in

💻 Desktop/Laptop/iPad/other

📔 Do you keep a traditional diary

☠Something that angers you

🐷 Junk food you can never get enough of

🌼 Fave flower

📺 Fave anime

🎥 Fave film

📻 Fave song currently

🎙 Can you sing

🎁 Best gift you ever received and why

👾 Do you believe in aliens

👻 Do you believe in ghosts

⛪ What is your religion

🌎 What country do you live in

📸 Post a selfie